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Ars elaboratio

Ensemble Scholastica

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Celsa secreta in columbe specie
Anonymous; Rebecca Bain; Cynthia Gates; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Alleluia. Adducentur regi virgines
Anonymous; Rebecca Bain; Angèle Trudeau; Elizabeth Ekholm; Rebecca Bain; Ensemble Scholastica
Sancti baptiste (arr. C. Hermann for vocal ensemble)
Anonymous; Catherine Hermann; Catherine Herrmann; Angèle Trudeau; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Dilexisti iustitiam (arr. J. Freeman for vocal ensemble)
Anonymous; Jody Freeman; Rebecca Bain; Jody Freeman; Ensemble Scholastica
Velox impulit - Hic leta canit - Vestiunt silve - Mulierum
Anonymous; Rebecca Bain; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Cantantibus organis
Anonymous; Rebecca Bain; Anne Sophie da Silva; Angèle Trudeau; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Quinque prudentes virgines
Anonymous; Elizabeth Ekholm; Elizabeth Ekholm; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Ad sit Johannis baptiste
Anonymous; Rebecca Bain; Catherine Herrmann; Angèle Trudeau; Rebecca Bain; Ensemble Scholastica
Dum aurora finem daret
Anonymous; Carole LeDez; Carole LeDez; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Benedicamus Domino. Tu lux refulge
Anonymous; Elizabeth Ekholm; Angèle Trudeau; Elizabeth Ekholm; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Claris vocibus (Instrumental)
Anonymous; Catherine Hermann; Catherine Herrmann
Claris vocibus
Anonymous; Catherine Hermann; Angèle Trudeau; Rebecca Bain; Ensemble Scholastica
Benedicamus Domino. Laudamus Dominum
Anonymous; Micheline Racicot; Micheline Racicot; Ensemble Scholastica; Rebecca Bain
Digital Booklet
Total Playing Time    72:14
Founded in 2008 by musicologist Pascale Duhamel, Ensemble Scholastica is a Montréal-based female vocal ensemble specializing in medieval plainchant and polyphony. Ars elaboratio features original elaborations on medieval liturgical songs chosen from the plainchant repertoire in homage to the group's favourite saints: Scholastica, champion of education, Cecilia, patron saint of music, Catherine of Alexandria, champion of justice and female wisdom and Saint John the Baptist, patron to the ensemble's home province of Québec. "We study and sing from medieval manuscripts, but not only in the name of 'authenticity.' We wish to share with listeners the true beauty and intricacy of medieval music, in particular medieval liturgical traditions, the very roots of Western music. Our audiences thus have the chance to experience the remarkable joy and complexity of medieval spirituality and culture." - Ensemble Scholastica
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – ATMA Classique Studio Masters

Enregistré à la Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, Vieux Montréal, 4 - 6 mars, 2016 Recorded in the Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, Old Montreal, March 4 - 6, 2016 Réalisatrice et ingénieure de son / Producer and balance engineer: Martha de Francisco Ingénieur de son, enregistrement, édition, mixage et mastering / Recording, editing, mixing and mastering engineer: James Clemens-Seely Graphisme (couverture) / Graphics (cover): Julie Marchand, Adeline Payette Beauchesne Photos: David Daly Graphisme (livret) / Graphic design (booklet): Adeline Payette Beauchesne Responsable du livret / Booklet editor: Michel Ferland

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