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Zhen Chen: Ergo

Zhen Chen, Jiaju Shen, Feifei Yang, Yixuan Pang

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Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Jiaju Shen
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Jiaju Shen; Feifei Yang
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Feifei Yang
Plum Blossom Chant
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Yixuan Pang
Stroll by the Lake
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Yixuan Pang; Jiaju Shen
Turpan Tango
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Jiaju Shen; Feifei Yang
Dance Floor Banter
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Jiaju Shen
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Feifei Yang
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen; Yixuan Pang
Zhen Chen; Zhen Chen
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Total Playing Time    41:50
Pianist and composer Zhen Chen makes an impressive contribution to the legacy of composers blending Chinese and Western instruments and musical materials. This trend can be traced back 20 years, when a potent generation of Chinese and Taiwanese composers began to explode across American and European concert stages. Luminary figures like Bright Sheng, Tan Dun, Chen Yi and Zhou Long paved the way for younger Chinese artists such as Chen, who uses Ergo to continue this blend of his native culture with many parts of the Western musical tradition. Ergo places piano alongside two of the most familiar Chinese instruments to Western audiences: the pipa, a kind of Chinese lute and the erhu, a bowed Chinese string instrument. Chen's use of spacious piano accompaniments and straightforward and expressive melodies makes this combination sound natural while retaining its unique charm. And even though the album's compositions don't directly draw from Chinese folk tunes, Chen does an excellent job of creating musical contexts that suit the piano, pipa and/or erhu, as well as his typically naturalistic subject matter.
48 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Navona Studio Masters

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 10 – 44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM All tracks recorded at Oktaven Audio, New York, NY, June 2016 Recording engineer: Ryan Streber Project consultant: Liang Pan Executive producer: Bob Lord Executive A&R: Sam Renshaw A&R: Alex Bourne Audio director: Jeff LeRoy Engineering manager: Lucas Paquette Art and production director: Brett Picknell Cover art: Lan Zhenghui "Reel" ink-painting on rice paper Graphic design: Emily Roulo Marketing: Scott Murphy

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