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Quicksilver Messenger Service

Quicksilver Messenger Service

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Pride Of Man
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Light Your Windows
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dino's Song
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Gold And Silver
Quicksilver Messenger Service
It's Been Too Long
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Fool
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Total Playing Time    31:32
"... by far some of the greatest, yet underrated music in the classic rock catalogue."
- Sputnikmusic

"... incredibly, their formula works. They have a good, even, remarkably honest sound. Theirs is a much finer record debut than the Grateful Dead's ..."
- Rolling Stone

The debut self-titled album from psychedelic rockers Quicksilver Messenger Service, released in 1968, put the San Francisco band on the map alongside contemporaries the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. The album includes Dino's Song written by founding member Dino Valenti who was unable to record with the band due to his incarceration on marijuana charges.

"Jim Murray and David Freiberg came up with the name. Me and Freiberg were born on the same day and Gary and Greg were born on the same day, we were all Virgos and Murray was a Gemini. And Virgos and Geminis are all ruled by the planet Mercury. Another name for Mercury is Quicksilver. And then, Quicksilver is the messenger of the Gods and Virgo is the servant, so Freiberg says 'Oh, Quicksilver Messenger Service.'"
- John Cipollina, guitarist
192 kHz / 24-bit, 96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Capitol Records Studio Masters

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