℗ 2022 Deutsche Grammophon, Berlin
Released October 14, 2022
Duration 1h 10m 11s
Genre Classical

Hans Rott: Symphony No. 1 / Mahler: Blumine / Bruckner: Symphonisches Präludium

Bamberger Symphoniker, Jakub Hrůša

Available in 96 kHz / 24-bit AIFF, FLAC high resolution audio formats
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Symphony No. 1 in E Major  
I. Alla breve
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
II. (Adagio) Sehr langsam
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
III. Frisch und lebhaft
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
IV. Sehr langsam - Belebt
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
Symphony No. 1 in D Major / Pt. 1  
II. Andante allegretto "Blumine"
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
Symphonisches Präludium in C Minor, WAB 297
Bamberger Symphoniker; Jakub Hrůša
Digital Booklet
"Who is Hans Rott?" Gustav Mahler gives the meaningful answer: the "founder of the new symphony as I understand it." Deutsche Grammophon now presents a new recording of Hans Rott's Symphony No. 1. Full of energy and depth and with a breathtakingly velvety sound, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra plays under its chief conductor Jakub Hrůša. This is an impressive recording of a composer whose rediscovery in recent years has continued to thrill audiences and enrich our knowledge of late Romantic music. Hans Rott wrote his first symphony, his most important work - full of groundbreaking musical ideas and a unique vision of how the symphony might develop - from 1878-1880, at a time when his younger classmate Mahler was just getting started and his mentor Bruckner was struggling through his middle period. Jakub Hrůša places this masterpiece alongside works by Mahler and Bruckner, shedding new light on a work that deserves to be at the center of the symphonic repertoire.
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Deutsche Grammophon (DG) Studio Masters
Track title
(dB FS)
(dB FS)
Album average
Range of values
-6.44 to -0.66
-32.57 to -21.20
-28.60 to -16.20
13 to 15
I. Alla breve
II. (Adagio) Sehr langsam
III. Frisch und lebhaft
IV. Sehr langsam - Belebt
II. Andante allegretto "Blumine"
Symphonisches Präludium in C Minor, WAB 297

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