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Susanne Kujala, Veli Kujala, Uusinta Chamber Ensemble, TampereRaw

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Pt. 1, -UM
Veli Kujala; Susanne Kujala; Veli Kujala; Uusinta Chamber Ensemble; TampereRaw
Pt. 2, On the Strand of Remoteness
Veli Kujala; Susanne Kujala; Veli Kujala; Uusinta Chamber Ensemble; TampereRaw
Pt. 3, Warp
Veli Kujala; Susanne Kujala; Veli Kujala; Uusinta Chamber Ensemble; TampereRaw
Hyperchromatic Counterpoint  
Ia. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Bulgarian Infinity Series
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
Ib. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Neutral Waves
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
Ic. Wer Krümel ißt, wird reich. Bar 16 2/3
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
II. Passacaglia
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
III. Sculpture
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
IV. Accordion Hyperoriental
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
V. L'harmonie éternelle
Veli Kujala; Veli Kujala
Digital Booklet
Total Playing Time    66:18
"It is regrettable that in the last century the roles of the caller and the composer were separated. The trend is turning back towards a total musician. Veli Kujala (born 1976) composes and plays the accordion, which he is all about to make improvised at what to do with the pulp. "In his compositions, Kujala laughs happily across the universe, as well as the spheres of the spheres and the sweaty world of the world. There is medieval organum, a low-horror movie soundtrack, electronically edited echo, hypercomplex frequency, minimalist heart rate, and the soundtrack of the old computer game." - Helsingin Sanomat The two works on this release are some of the most groundbreaking pieces that have been written in recent years. The first work, CybOrgan, is scored for organ, strings, and infrared-camera-controlled live electronics. The electronics convert movement to sound in a random, unpredictable manner. The second piece, Hyperchromatic Counterpoint, utilizes a quarter-tone accordion which allows the sound to wander at will. Veli Kujala has a versatile repertoire, that includes everything the most structured of Baroque works to the most contemporary free improvisational works and hyper-complex compositions.
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Alba Studio Masters

Tracks 1-10 – 48 kHz / 24-bit PCM, mastered in 96 kHz / 24-bit

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