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This Too Won't Pass

Can't Swim

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What Have We Done?
Can't Swim
My Queen
Can't Swim
"sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong times"
Can't Swim
Hell in a Handbasket
Can't Swim
Congratulations, Christopher Hodge
Can't Swim
Malicious 444
Can't Swim
Not the Way It Was
Can't Swim
Amnesia 666
Can't Swim
Can't Swim
Winter of Cicada
Can't Swim
Total Playing Time    31:08
“THINGS AREN’T GOING TO GET BETTER. NOT EVERYTHING HEALS WITH TIME AND PROBLEMS DON’T JUST GO AWAY. PROBLEMS HAUNT YOU, INFECT YOU, AND IN TIME BECOME A PART OF WHO YOU ARE. YOU MIGHT FIND WAYS TO DISTRACT YOURSELF OR TRY AND FORGET BUT EVERY TIME YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR YOU’LL ONLY SEE REMINDERS OF WHAT YOU HATE. EVIL SURROUNDS US AND IN TIME, BECOMES A PART OF WHO WE ARE. LET THIS BAND BE A REMINDER OF THAT.” Towards the end of Chris LoPorto’s description of his band Can’t Swim, you’ll note the use of the word ‘evil’. He couldn’t help gravitating towards it during the making of their second album, to such a degree that the working titles of its songs were littered with it; a catch-all word that summarized the malevolence he felt about a number of elements in his life, be it the events of a past he continues to be governed by, and the wrongdoing he’s observed in his immediate surroundings and society as a whole. This Too Won’t Pass was that album’s eventual title, an inversion of a well-known adage about time healing all things, because, as Chris suggests, he doesn’t entirely believe it can. Can’t Swim articulate our struggles with the people, places and events that continue to shape our lives and scrape our hearts, but with one clear distinction: they show us that while exploring them may provide us with a momentary sense of clarity, it doesn’t necessarily bring us the clear-cut catharsis we’re told it will.
44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Pure Noise Records Studio Masters

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