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Patrick Zimmerli Quartet

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A Scattering of Stars (Distension Variation / Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Pendulum (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Metric Variation (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Waltz of the Polyrhythmic Palindrome (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Linear Variation (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
The Center of the Clock (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Entropic Variation (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Boogaloo of the Polyrhythmic Palindrome (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Harmonic Variation (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
Windup (Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
A Scattering of Stars (Theme / Live)
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet
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Total Playing Time    53:48
Completing a 25-year compositional arc, saxophonist-composer Patrick Zimmerli releases his new jazz suite Clockworks following the release in 2016 of his first quartet’s 1992 recording Shores Against Silence (with Kevin Hays, Larry Grenadier and Tom Rainey). Both records feature rhythmically and melodically advanced composition largely inspired by Zimmerli’s love of serial composers such as Babbitt, Carter, Stockhausen and Boulez, though still grounded in a jazz ethos. Both explore a different third stream direction in jazz that Zimmerli made his own right from the start, and that for all its complexities compels attention first and foremost as music to be listened to.

The very structure of Clockworks is a reflection and summary of Zimmerli’s artistic path, an attempt to unveil the process whereby music can retain its message even as its technical means become simplified. Compared to Shores his style has modulated into something that a broader swath of the listening public could relate to, and the new release integrates the earlier ideas into the later style. “My main concern back then was in forging a new path that had a foundation in the jazz tradition but that was completely original. Newness is less of a priority as I grow older than simply taking listeners on a varied and satisfying emotional journey.” Then and now he considers his ultimate musical message to be optimistic and positive: “That might be the biggest thing that sets my music off from ‘mainstream’ avant-garde jazz.”

Clockworks (a Chamber Music America commission) was written specifically for Iverson and Hollenbeck, who were already performing with Zimmerli in the early 90s.
Clockworks was produced Grammy award-winner Seth Abramson (Jazz Standard).
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Songlines Recordings Studio Masters

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