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Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir

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Páll Ragnar Pálsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
48 Images of the Moon
Thurídur Jónsdóttir; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir; Magnús Bergsson
I. Ljós
Halldór Smárason; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
II. Minni
Halldór Smárason; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
III. Slokkna
Halldór Smárason; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
Solitaire, Op. 1  
I. Oration
Hafliði Hallgrímsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
II. Serenade
Hafliði Hallgrímsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
III. Nocturne
Hafliði Hallgrímsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
IV. Dirge
Hafliði Hallgrímsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
V. Jig
Hafliði Hallgrímsson; Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
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Total Playing Time    58:09
"I dream in Icelandic despite having spent most of my life outside of Iceland. My native language shows itself in other ways too, as I found out early in my development as a cellist, when my teacher pointed out that I am extremely sensitive to the textures and overtones of sound, probably related to the abundance of un-voiced consonant sounds in Icelandic. It is an old language, preserved by isolation, and in the process of adapting to a quickly changing world. I see classical contemporary music sharing a similar process, finding new sounds and ways of expression through old means in a dialogue with our way of life. There is also an appreciation of silence and economy of expression in Icelandic culture that I find comforting and fascinating. This project is a compilation of pieces by composers that not only share my mother-tongue and culture, in language and music, but also bring their unique perspective and expression in their compositions. From the moment that I played Solitaire for the first time, I felt a connection, not only to the music but also beyond the music. The more recent pieces are collaborations with Halldór, Páll and Þuríður and I couldn’t have asked for more generous artists to come into my life and allow me to explore my voice through their music. This project has stretched me and challenged me in ways that I couldn’t begin to comprehend, a homecoming of sorts in my musical life and I have many people to thank for making it happen." - Sæunn Thorsteinsdóttir
192 kHz / 24-bit, 96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Sono Luminus Studio Masters

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