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Duration 43m 14s
Record Label Paul McCartney Catalog
Release Date May 17, 1971
Genre Pop


Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

Available in 96 kHz / 24-bit AIFF, FLAC high resolution audio formats
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Too Many People (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
3 Legs (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Ram On (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Dear Boy (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Smile Away (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Heart Of The Country (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Monkberry Moon Delight (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Eat At Home (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Long Haired Lady (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Ram On (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
The Back Seat Of My Car (Remastered)
Paul McCartney; Linda McCartney
Digital Booklet
Duration    43m 14s
UK Albums Chart - #1, 1971 Billboard 200 - #2, 1971 Billboard Hot 100 - #1, 1971 - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey "... Macca shot for the moon ... a grand psychedelic ramble full of divine melodies and orchestral frippery ... sounds ahead of its time: how many indie rockers could pull off such a daffy masterpiece?" - Rolling Stone "... decades on, as is so often the way, the music has triumphed ... now, the cool thing to say is that the album is one of his best. Its stylistic grab bag makes a highly entertaining spree, punctuated with bursts of true genius ... the best moments are breathtaking." - BBC Music Paul McCartney's second solo album, released in 1971, is his only album where he shares credit with his wife at the time, the late Linda McCartney. The album topped the charts in the UK and made it to number two in the US where it sold over a million copies, no doubt spurred on by the single Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, McCartney's first American number one hit. This reissue includes eight bonus tracks including the non-album single Another Day and four previously-unreleased songs.
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Paul McCartney Catalog Studio Masters

Tracks 1-12 – contains high-resolution digital transfers of material originating from an analogue master source Executive Producer: Paul McCartney Project Manager: Scott Rodger Production Manager: Lisa Power Audio Co-ordinators: Ruth Birch and Kat Holder MPL Audio Archive: Eddie Klein Audio Research Consultant: Mike Heatley Film Co-ordinators: Rebecca Church and Susanne Buckner Artwork Co-ordinator: Billie Temple Photographic Co-ordinator: Claudia Schmid Photographic and Artwork Research: Richard Miller and Catherine Shepherd Creative Consultant: Roger Huggett Digital and Online: Toby McColl Publishing and Copyright: Nancy Jeffries, Dave Bogart and Patricia O’Hearn Production Assistant: Jess Whiteley Audio remastered by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke and Simon Gibson at Abbey Road Studios, London Remastering Project Co-ordinators: Lucy Launder and Allan Rouse at Abbey Road Studios, London Original Cover Photography: Linda Original Art Work: Paul Creative Direction and Design: YES All photographs Linda McCartney Archive © Paul McCartney

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