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A qui appartient l'beau temps?

Paul Piché

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Heureux d'un printemps
Robert Leger; Pierre Bertrand; Pierre Guerin; Bruce Murchison; Mario Legare; Michel Lachance; Real Desrosiers; Gordon Gibson
Y'a pas grand chose dans l'ciel a soir
Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché; Alain Lamontagne
Le Renard, le loup
Pierre Bertrand; Neil Choten
Rejean Pesant
Serge Fiori; Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché; Gordon Gibson
Essaye donc pas
Michel Rivard; Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché; Bruce Murchison; Mario Legare; Real Desrosiers
La gigue à Mitchounano
Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché; Pierre Guerin; Mario Legare; Michel Lachance; Real Desrosiers; Gordon Gibson
Jean-Guy Léger
Robert Leger; Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché
Mon Joe
Pierre Bertrand; Pauline Lapointe; Mario Legare; Michel Lachance; Real Desrosiers
Chu pas mal mal parti
Robert Leger; Pierre Bertrand; Mario Legare; Real Desrosiers; Liebert Subirana
Où sont-elles?
Pierre Bertrand; Paul Piché; Pauline Lapointe; Mario Legare; Real Desrosiers
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Total Playing Time    34:45
"... (Piché is) an original mixture of French song, American rock and Québec folklore." - Voir À qui appartient l'beau temps? is Paul Piché's debut album, released in 1977 and containing many of the songs that have represented the hearts and minds of generations. A huge success in Québec, it earned Piché a platinum record for sales of 100,000 copies. In 1989 Voir called Piché, well known for his timeless contributions to Québecois musical heritage, the "missing link between Bruce Springsteen and Jacques Brel."
176.4 kHz / 24-bit, 88.2 kHz / 24-bit PCM – 2xHD Studio Masters

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