℗ 2015 Grand Piano
Released May 5, 2015
Duration 57m 39s
Record Label Grand Piano
Catalogue No. GP671
Genre Classical (Instrumental)

Voříšek: Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 2: Theme and Variations - 2 Rondos - Eclogue - Le Désir - Le Plaisir - Impromptu in F Major & B-Flat Major - Stammbuchblatt

Biljana Urban

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Theme and Variations in B-Flat Major, Op. 19
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
2 Rondos, Op. 18  
No. 1 in C Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
No. 2 in G Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Le Désir, Op. 3
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Le Plaisir, Op. 4
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Eclogue in C Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Impromptu in F Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Impromptu in B-Flat Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Stammbuchblatt in A Major
Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek; Biljana Urban
Digital Booklet
This second volume devoted to the music of Bohemian-born Jan Hugo Voříšek from pianist Biljana Urban charts his rapid compositional development from the early Stammbuchblatt and Impromptu to the tone painting of the Rondos. With their incipient Romanticism, his character pieces share something of Schubert’s harmonic ideas and suggest why Voříšek should be seen as a leading Viennese composer of the first quarter of the 19th century. Voříšek, who only lived 34 years, left little by which his name would live on, having been torn between a desire to compose and the financial safety of a position in the Austrian civil service. "When I started recording Voříšek's complete piano works, I was very enthusiastic about his music; now that I have finished, I am ebullient. His unique musical language is marked by innovative harmonic thinking and reveals a composer who was ahead of his time. This second album is admirably filled with dedications, shy confessions of desire, insouciance and pleasures. But it also takes us by surprise, making us laugh. Humour in music is a characteristic of the greatest masters." - Biljana Urban
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Grand Piano Studio Masters

Recording Venue: Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 13 March 2014 Publisher: Edition Supraphon, Praha Producer, Engineer and Editor: Tom Peeters Piano Technician: Evert Snel Piano: Steinway D Booklet Notes: Alan Swanson French translation by David Ylla-Somers German translation by Cris Posslac Artist’s photograph: Robert Roos Cover Art: Gro Thorsen: City to City, London no. 82, oil on aluminium, 12x12cm, 2011
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11 to 15
Theme and Variations in B-Flat Major, Op. 19
No. 1 in C Major
No. 2 in G Major
Le Désir, Op. 3
Le Plaisir, Op. 4
Eclogue in C Major
Impromptu in F Major
Impromptu in B-Flat Major
Stammbuchblatt in A Major

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