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Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers

Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers

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Room 608
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Creepin' In
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Stop Time
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
To Whom It May Concern
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
The Preacher
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver And The Jazz Messengers
Total Playing Time    43:47
"... the classic Silver tracks here indicate Silver's key role in the soul-jazz movement that came shortly afterwards ..."
- The Guardian

"... one of the classic hard bop albums ... (Doodlin' was) Silver's first hit. Silver's solo is the highlight of this performance, the essence of inspired simplicity."
- Jazz.com

"... so widely synonymous with hard bop and Blue Note ... it's like trying to review Sgt. Pepper ... a terrific record ... you can put this in the car player, hit repeat and listen to it over and over again without getting too tired of it ... it started here, the first album released under the Jazz Messengers name, and arguably it never got better. There are no bad Messengers albums. Every one is worth hearing and owning. But there are two or three albums at the absolute pinnacle and this is one."
- All About Jazz

A seminal album in the history of hard bop and jazz, this is the first release from the Jazz Messengers and one of the only recordings with Horace Silver at the helm of the collective. Several of the original tunes Silver composed for this 1955 album are now standards, including The Preacher and Doodlin'.

"I would say that it’s bop with a little more energy to it. There was polite bop and then there was hard bop. The polite bop was more sophisticated … the hard bop is real slam, bang, kicking ass kind of music."
- Horace Silver
192 kHz / 24-bit and 96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Blue Note Records Studio Masters

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