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Songs of Freedom

Nguyên Lê

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Eleanor Rigby
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Youn Sun Nah; Ousman Danedjo; Stephane Edouard; Gou Gan
I Wish
Nguyên Lê Quartet; David Linx; Himiko Paganotti; Ousman Danedjo; Prabhu Edouard
Ben Zeppelin
Dhafer Yousseff; Nguyên Lê
Black Dog
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Dhafer Yousseff; Stephane Edouard
Pastime Paradise
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Ousman Danedjo; Himiko Paganotti; Hamid el Kasri; Karim Ziad
Uncle Ho's Benz
Nguyên Lê
Mercedes Benz
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Himiko Paganotti; Ousman Danedjo; David Linx; Julia Sarr; Keyvan Chemirani
Over the Rainforest
Nguyên Lê
Move Over
Nguyên Lê Quartet; David Linx; David Binney; Stephane Edouard
Whole Lotta Love
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Youn Sun Nah; Prabhu Edouard; Karim Ziad
Redemption Song
Julia Sarr; Nguyên Lê; Illya Amar
Sunshine of Your Love
Himiko Paganotti; Linley Marthe; Nguyên Lê; Illya Amar; Stephane Edouard; Karim Ziad
Nguyên Lê Quartet
Nguyên Lê
Come Together
Nguyên Lê Quartet; Ousman Danedjo; David Linx; Himiko Paganotti; Julia Sarr; Chris Speed; Stephane Edouard
Total Playing Time    69:29
"Four Stars ... combines heartfelt respect with absolute irreverence, breathing an utterly different kind of life into these songs, four decades after they first hit the airwaves." - All About Jazz "... an even more profound statement that transcends the guitar itself. With his remarkable facility and fertile imagination, Lê has crafted new anthems for a new pan-global age." - JazzTimes.com "... believe me, you haven’t heard the Iron Butterfly classic until you’ve heard it reinvented as a feature for vibes and the liquid guitar of bandleader Nguyên Lê, arranged with carefully-scripted mixed meters and everything." - PopMatters.com Nguyên Lê takes the title of this collection of cover versions from one of his own favourite songs of freedom: Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, which sits alongside hits from Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton and the Beatles, whose Eleanor Rigby and Come Together frame the album. But Lê takes the liberty to unearth these icons of pop and rock history from their dust (or gold) covered depths and brings them to the present day and to the global village with the help of his own formidable musical prowess as well as many exceptional guests from all over the world who provide support in his band. Lê brilliantly arranges these musicians, placing them in suitable yet always surprising situations. On several occasions he converses with his guests, so to speak, with brief self-composed pieces offering the perfect introduction. As a result, this isn’t an album featuring standard cover versions. Instead, familiar melodies are presented with great respect to pulsating new sounds from all over the world. "Music is like a bird. Once it has been released it will fly in any sky. The earth becomes rounder and rounder and invites all cultures to an exchange and to immerse themselves in one another. This leads to the freedom to make these songs one’s own: to still lovingly play the original melodies yet with the boldness of our own arrangements which celebrate the realm of imaginative power and fantasy.” - Nguyên Lê
44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM – ACT Music and Vision Studio Masters

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