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Inside Rhythmic Falls

Aruán Ortiz, Andrew Cyrille, Mauricio Herrera

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Lucero Mundo
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera; Emeline Michel; Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
Conversation with the Oaks
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Marímbula’s Mood
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Golden Voice (Changüí)
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
De Cantos y Ñáñigos
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Inside Rhythmic Falls, Pt. 1 (Sacred Codes)
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Argelier’s Disciple
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Inside Rhythmic Falls, Pt. 2 (Echoes)
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
El Ashé de la Palabra
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Para Ti Nengón
Aruán Ortiz; Andrew Cyrille; Mauricio Herrera
Total Playing Time    49:22
Aruán Ortiz has long dreamt of making an album that would evoke "a cascade of rhythms going over me, almost dragging me to fall." This feeling of being overtaken by rhythm is one he knows well, having spent his first 23 years in Cuba. Born in 1973, Ortiz grew up Santiago de Cuba – the cradle of Afro-Cuban music and a veritable "vortex of rhythm".

Ortiz captures the symphony of everyday life in Oriente on his arresting new album, Inside Rhythmic Falls. "I think of myself as a storyteller," Ortiz says, "and each of the album's ten tracks tells a story about Oriente province." For this project Ortiz has chosen Cuban percussionist Mauricio Herrera and one of the best drummers of today's jazz to his side. Andrew Cyrille was born in Brooklyn, New York into a Haitian family. "Rhythm is life … the space of time danced through," and inside rhythmic falls everyone is possessed by the dance, both leading and following.

The New York jazz critic Adam Schatz writes in the Liner notes: "When music is this glorious, it has the power not just to conjure spirits but to inspire belief and help us experience the marvelous. Or, as Carpentier also put it, the marvelous real."
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Intakt Records Studio Masters

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