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Brett Dean: Epitaphs - Eclipse (String Quartet No. 1) - String Quartet No. 2 'And once I played Ophelia'

Allison Bell, Brett Dean, Doric String Quartet

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I. ‘Only I will know’ ...in memory of Dorothy Porter. Gently flowing, with intimate intensity
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet; Brett Dean
II. ‘Walk a little way with me’ ...in memory of Lyndal Holt. Moderato scorrevole – Still, pensive – Poco a poco crescendo – Tempo I – Poco a poco stringendo e crescendo – Più mosso, estatico – Tempo I. Stark, tense – Becoming increasingly raw in tone – S
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet; Brett Dean
III. ‘Der Philosoph’ ...in memory of Jan Diesselhorst. Quasi cadenza - Slow and spacious, misterioso – Un poco agitato – Molto rallentando, calmando – Suddenly flowing and floating – Long, slow and spacious, as at beginning
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet; Brett Dean
IV. ‘György meets the “Girl Photographer”’ ...in memory of Betty Freeman; hommage à György Ligeti. Fresh, energetic
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet; Brett Dean
V. ‘Between the spaces in the sky’ ...in memory of Richard Hickox. Hushed and fragile – Un poco più agitato – Ancora più agitato – Poco a poco più agitato e espressivo – Molto agitato e stringendo – Restless, increasingly agitated, molto accelerando –
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet; Brett Dean
Eclipse (String Quartet No. 1)  
I. Slow and spacious, secretive – Wild, with abandon, raw and overtone rich – Emphatic and energetic, later becoming increasingly dreamy – Vague, dreamily, somewhat slower – [Tempo I] – Risoluto –
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet
II. Unlikely Flight. Presto nervoso – Subito più mosso – Suddenly slower, more relaxed – Subito Tempo I, molto energico – Più mosso – Subito Tempo I though still energetic and emphatic – Brutal aggressive – Suddenly transparent – Molto più mosso, aggre
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet
III. Epilogue. Slow and spacious – Flowing, un poco più mosso
Brett Dean; Doric String Quartet
String Quartet No. 2 "And once I played Ophelia"  
I. Fast, breathless -
Brett Dean; Allison Bell; Doric String Quartet
II. Hushed, distant - Flowing - Serene, intimate - Broad, exalted -
Brett Dean; Allison Bell; Doric String Quartet
III. Fast, agitated - Suddenly slow, vacant -
Brett Dean; Allison Bell; Doric String Quartet
IV. Extremely still - Sparse, distant -
Brett Dean; Allison Bell; Doric String Quartet
V. Slow, austere
Brett Dean; Allison Bell; Doric String Quartet
Digital Booklet
Total Playing Time    60:56
The three works presented here by Australian composer and violist Brett Dean are premiere recordings, all of which highlight Dean's empathetic side: if Eclipse is an evocation of the refugees saved during the Tampa Crisis, the five movements of Epitaphs are individual obituaries for lost friends of Dean’s. A viola player with the Berlin Philharmonic for 14 years, Dean himself joins the Doric String Quartet on the latter piece, a string quintet with two violas, while soprano Allson Bell is featured on the String Quartet No. 2. Dean has won many prizes for his orchestral and chamber compositions, including the renowned Grawemeyer Award in 2009.
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM –  Chandos Studio Masters

Recording producer: Jonathan Cooper
Sound engineer: Jonathan Cooper
Assistant engineers: Rosanna Fish (Epitaphs, Eclipse) and Robert Gilmour (String Quartet No. 2)
Editor: Jonathan Cooper
A & R administrator: Sue Shortridge
Recording venue: Potton Hall, Dunwich, Suffolk; 27 and 28 April 2014 (Epitaphs, Eclipse) & 12 and 13 December 2014 (String Quartet No. 2)
Front cover: Ophelia (2012), textile (recycled curtain) and pigment on stainless steel, by Heather Betts (b. 1962)
Back cover: Photograph of Doric String Quartet by George Garnier
Design and typesetting: Cap & Anchor Design Co.
Booklet editor: Finn S. Gundersen
Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd

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