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Nadav Lev

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The Rushing Camel  
The Rushing Camel
Gilad Cohen; Nadav Lev
Nothing to express  
Nothing to express
Yair Klartag; Nadav Lev; Mivos Quartet
3 Ladino Songs  
No. 1. Durme, durme mi linda donzella
Jonathan Keren; Rinat Shaham; Miranda Cuckson; Nadav Lev
No. 2. Abre tu puerta serrada
Jonathan Keren; Rinat Shaham; Miranda Cuckson; Nadav Lev
No. 3. Quen te va aver con cocharas
Jonathan Keren; Rinat Shaham; Miranda Cuckson; Nadav Lev
TalkBack III
Guy Barash; Nadav Lev; Guy Barash
4 Bialik Children's Songs  
No. 1. Me'ever layam
Ronnie Reshef; Tehila Nini Goldstein; Nadav Lev
No. 2. Sna'i
Ronnie Reshef; Tehila Nini Goldstein; Nadav Lev
No. 3. Dov
Ronnie Reshef; Tehila Nini Goldstein; Nadav Lev
No. 4. Tarnegol
Ronnie Reshef; Tehila Nini Goldstein; Nadav Lev
Shomeret Layla (The Nightwatcher)
Nadav Lev; Re'ut ben Ze'ev; Nadav Lev; Guy Barash
Digital Booklet
Total Playing Time    62:11
Gifted Israeli-born guitar virtuoso Nadav Lev has assembled this fascinating and highly varied programme of music by six of the finest of Israel’s current crop of young composers, including Lev himself. We hear music ranging from lovely vocal treatments of ancient Ladino Jewish songs with violin, to edgy and gripping works, some including live electronics, that cross into the realm of the avant-garde.
Lev leads the way with his stunning work on both classical and electric guitar, joined by a team of collaborators including the Mivos String Quartet, violin virtuoso Miranda Cuckson, live electronics wizard Guy Barash and three exceptional vocalists.
96 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Delos Studio Masters

Recorded at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers NY; October 2013 - November 2014
Executive producer: Carol Rosenberger
Producer: Nadav Lev
Co-producer: Ryan Streber
Recording engineer/mastering: Ryan Streber
Booklet editor: Lindsay Koob
Art Design/layout: Lonnie Kunkel
Cover, headshot, and tray card photos: Gabriel Baharlia
Back cover photo: Joanna Williams

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