℗ 2020 Silver Lining Music
Duration 53m 51s
Record Label Silver Lining Music
Release Date June 26, 2020
Genre Metal

Whore of Babylon

Mike LePond's Silent Assassins

Available in MQA and 48 kHz / 24-bit AIFF, FLAC audio formats
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Dracul Son
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Ides of March
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Tell Tale Heart
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Night of The Long Knives
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Lady Bathory
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Power of Steel
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Whore of Babylon
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins
Duration    53m 51s
Forging a union between the mighty worlds of heavy metal and ancient history, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins are on a mission. Whore of Babylon, their third album, is a no-holds barred, gauntlet-thrown, real heavy metal mission lead by LePond (known worldwide as one of the foremost bass virtuosos in heavy metal music and a member of progressive metal band Symphony X). If you never knew what it was like to experience the might of metal from the old school, Whore of Babylon will riotously teach you. From the scintillating fury of “Dracul Son” to the baroque mystery of the title track, LePond has written and produced the sort of album that old school metalheads dream of, with the likes of “Ironborn”’s steel-clad riffs swinging like battle swords, no concessions accepted and full-cranial impact guaranteed. Ranging from looking into Julius Caesar on “Ides of March” to the Countess Báthory on “Lady Bathory”, and with each exploration thunderously scored by LePond, you can be certain that the Silent Assassins’ classic metal mission is richer than ever.
48 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Silver Lining Music Studio Masters

Tracks 1-10 – 44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM, mastered in 48 kHz / 24-bit

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