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Tower Music (Musique de la Tour): Joseph Bertolozzi plays the Eiffel Tower

Joseph Bertolozzi

Available in 88.2 kHz / 24-bit AIFF and FLAC high-resolution audio formats

"As outlandish as (Bertolozzi’s) project seems, it actually falls within a longstanding tradition of percussion works produced by found objects."
- The New York Times

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A Thousand Feet of Sound (Trois cents mètres de son)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
The Harp That Pierced the Sky (La harpe qui a percé le ciel)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Prelude (Prélude)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Ironworks (Ferronnerie)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
The Elephant on the Tower (L'éléphant sur la Tour)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Glass Floor Rhythms (Rythmes sur le parterre vitré)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Evening Harmonies (Harmonies du Soir)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Tower Music (Musique de la Tour)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
Eiffel Tower (Audio Tour)
Joseph Bertolozzi; Joseph Bertolozzi
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Total Playing Time    49:38
This groundbreaking release is the culmination of 12 years of effort from composer Joseph Bertolozzi. All the music was created and played on the Eiffel Tower, without any other instruments or effects. He captured the tower’s sounds with microphones placed on its surfaces and wrote the work using only those natural sounds he recorded. Bertolozzi was granted permission to pursue the project by the tower's administration after demonstrating the care he took with his previous project Bridge Music, composed for and performed on New York’s Mid-Hudson Bridge, using techniques that would not damage structural integrity and providing safe conditions for the musicians.

"For over 100 years the Eiffel Tower has been hailed as an architectural landmark, an engineering feat, a monument, a destination. Now it will reveal its music."
- Joseph Bertolozzi
88.2 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Innova Studio Masters

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