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The Visitor

Kadhja Bonet

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Intro: Earth Birth
Kadhja Bonet
Kadhja Bonet
Fairweather Friend
Kadhja Bonet
The Visitor
Kadhja Bonet
Gramma Honey
Kadhja Bonet
Portrait of Tracy
Kadhja Bonet
Kadhja Bonet
Nobody Other
Kadhja Bonet
Total Playing Time    29:03
"As soon as the cinematic sci-fi strings swell on the first song of this month's brilliant The Visitor, it feels as if you're entering a parallel dimension, or an intergalactic jungle quadrant. As heard on the haunting single Honeycomb, Bonet's voice temporarily freezes time, with a celestial register that makes you take stock."
- LA Weekly

"... (her) ethereal voice and music suggest someone not quite of this planet ... hers is phantasmagoric R&B, soul from another time, another place. Another dimension, even. Bonet just knows the responses to her music will be rapturous evocations of the celestial and sublime, that questions will be raised about her provenance, such is its unearthly beauty ... sometimes it’s like listening to music from the pre-rock era, from the 1940s, say, drenched as it is in Disney-sweet Hollywood strings. At others it seems as though it’s beamed in from the 2040s, from a science fictional future when soul has become completely deracinated and etherized."
- The Guardian

Genre-defying Kadhja Bonet's debut The Visitor unveils a world not wholly ours, where past and future meet in a parallel, yet far lovelier present, a timeless, unplaceable realm of her own making. Not quite a one-woman project, The Visitor was written and arranged by Bonet, who also produced, co-engineered and co-mixed the album in addition to playing about half the instruments herself, including guitar, violin, flute and singing backing vocals. The Visitor is uncontaminated by the overproduction that plagues many other releases. It plays through like one individual’s lucid dream in what is sometimes an all-too-dreamless musical landscape, something that’s been harder and harder to find in the last 30 or 40 years, though so badly missed. Bonet has humbly learned from her predecessors while following their signs ever forward.
44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Fat Possum / Fresh Selects Studio Masters

Producer: Kadhja Bonet
Assistant producer: Itai Shapira
Engineered and mixed by Kadhja Bonet and Itai Shapira at AquaLeo Studios
Additional engineering by Sunny Levine at Pap Pap's Palace (track 1)
Mastered by Calyx Mastering (tracks 1 - 6)
Mastered by Clay Jones at Pete's Room, Oxford, MS (tracks 7 and 8)

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